Brief history and additional information about the International Fund for Christian Science Nursing

In 2018, a group of European including Swiss and UK funders, Christian Science nurses, and board members and managers of Christian Science nursing organisations came together to explore how to ensure that any individual in the world could choose Christian Science nursing care without being concerned about the cost of the care. They committed themselves to figuring out how to create a global fund and structure to meet this need.

In 2019, they approached The Mother Church, US-based funders, and The Principle Foundation (which administers a “National Fund for Christian Science Nursing” in the US) to partner with them to develop and launch the International Fund for Christian Science Nursing. After some investigation into the legal and other ramifications, The Principle Foundation board approved in 2020 that the staff would work with the European-based Advisory Committee to develop, launch and administer this new fund.

Because this IFCSN was to launch first in Europe including Switzerland and the UK, it became necessary to make the entire process, from taking in applications to paying out grants, compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of these countries. This significantly slowed the time it took to develop and launch the fund. In 2023 the IFCSN began taking applications for assistance from European residents.

This fund will eventually serve Christian Scientists everywhere but in the US. And, it could not have come to fruition without the commitment of the initial group that came together in 2018 and the IFCSN Advisory Committee with a vision to ensure that any Christian Scientist can afford Christian Science nursing care.

IFCSN Objectives

  • Reduce instances of Christian Scientists being unable to take advantage of Christian Science nursing owing to lack of funds.
  • Promote Christ-healing by supporting Christian Scientists’ choice to rely solely on Christian Science for healing.
  • Promote the Manual-based healing ministry of the Christian Science nurse and its place in the Christian Science ministry.
  • Increase the potential for greater availability, accessibility, and affordability of Christian Science nursing.
  • Cherish all those who provide Christian Science care if/when it is needed
  • Make the process to request a grant simple and efficient for those who are seeking assistance.
  • Collaborate with those already providing assistance to Christian Scientists to cover the costs of Christian Science nursing and practitioner care.