Grant terms and choice of providers

Considerations before hiring your Christian Science care providers and other Information

There are a few things you need to know about what we require and how we work with Christian Science nurses and practitioners:

  • If Christian Science nurses and practitioners are not listed in The Christian Science Journal, we may require additional verification for payment. Please keep in mind that you should contact us before hiring a non-Journal-listed provider if you want to ensure that your grant will cover payments to that care provider.
  • Invoices you receive from your provider should be accurate, detailed, and include an invoice number. Please review invoices carefully before submitting them to IFCSN for payment.

Christian Science nursing care in your home

Before hiring a Christian Science nurse, you should:

  • Familiarise yourself with the Christian Science Nurse Scope of Services published by The Mother Church on the Christian Science nursing page of
  • Ask for a Letter of Understanding that defines the services that the Christian Science nurse will and will not provide, the fee structure (daily or hourly rate, travel costs, and other fees), and any other expectations that you and the Christian Science nurse have agreed to as part of your working relationship. Both you and the Christian Science nurse should have a copy of the document that both of you have signed. A Letter of Understanding is required for IFCSN grants.
  • Payment frequency may vary. Some Christian Science nurses may be accustomed to billing weekly, so please be sure this payment schedule will work for them and is included in the Letter of Understanding. We will work with you and the provider to ensure timely payment.