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Existing users

Click HERE to login and request a new payment.


New users

Follow the steps below to register to be able to request payments

  1. Register and create a unique login to this portal.
  2. Sign GDPR consent as part of the registration process.
  3. After registering and logging in, fill out and submit the banking information form and the appropriate required US tax form in two separate steps.
  4. After completing the required forms, wait to receive confirmation from the European Coordinator that all is in order.
    Then, you may start submitting your payment requests.
  5. Log back in.
    Before you registered, you likely received an email telling you to begin this payment process. This email contains a unique grant case number from IFCSN. Please note: This number is required to submit a payment request.
    To start the process:
    • Click on “Request payment for outstanding invoice already submitted by requester” (for invoices uploaded by the grantee. Here you will be asked to fill the Invoice information form that corresponds to that invoice.)
    • In rare cases you may be asked to “Submit an Invoice for payment”, on behalf of the grantee. Do not select that option unless IFCSN requests it.

These are interactive forms that will guide you through the steps needed to complete the process.

Most of what you’ll need will be retrievable from the IFCSN portal after you register.